115 Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua Names: Including female names, male names, cute names, and even food-inspired names.

115 Chihuahua Names
115 Chihuahua Names

Whether you’ve recently welcomed a Chihuahua puppy into your family or adopted an adult Chihuahua or Chihuahua mix, you’re probably hoping to pick the perfect name for your new pet. The Chihuahua is the smallest member of the purebred dog kingdom. Chihuahuas were discovered in Mexico in the state of Chihuahua (hence their name). They probably have ancient origins dating back to the Aztec times. The first record of a Chihuahua in the United States was of a dog named Beppy, registered with the American Kennel Club in 1908.

Here are 115 names for your Chihuahua.
Here are 115 names for your Chihuahua.

Here are 115 names for your Chihuahua.

Female Chihuahua Names

If you’re looking for a name for your new baby girl, these female Chihuahua names might be perfect for you.

  • Alma – Soul or spirit (Spanish)
  • Ariana – Holy one (Greek)
  • Bella – Beautiful (Italian)
  • Bitsy – Tiny or petite
  • Camila – Perfect (Latin)
  • Catalina – Pure or clear (Spanish)
  • Clarisa – Bright or clear (Latin)
  • Coco – Chocolate or coconut-inspired
  • Daniela – God is my judge (Hebrew)
  • Elisa – Consecrated to God (Hebrew)
  • Emilia – Industrious or striving (Latin)
  • Estelle – Star (French)
  • Gabriela – God is my strength (Hebrew)
  • Gigi – Nickname for Georgina or Virginia
  • Isabella – Devoted to God (Hebrew)
  • Isla – Island (Scottish)
  • Jasmine – Fragrant flower (Persian)
  • Josefina – God will increase (Hebrew)
  • Julia – Youthful (Latin)
  • Nina – Little girl (Spanish)
  • Opal – Gemstone representing hope and purity
  • Rosa – Rose (Spanish)
  • Libby – Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God” (English)
  • Lola – Strong woman (Spanish)
  • Lucia – Light (Latin)
  • Luna – Moon (Latin)
  • María – Bitter or sea of bitterness (Hebrew)
  • Pearl – Precious gemstone formed within a mollusk
  • Selena – Moon goddess (Greek)
  • Snowy – Inspired by snow or white color
  • Sofía – Wisdom (Greek)
  • Zoey – Life (Greek)

Male Chihuahua Names

These male Chihuahuas incorporate some inspiration from the dog’s Mexican heritage.

  • Archie – Bold or brave (English)
  • Apollo – Greek god of music, poetry, and light
  • Bear – Strong and powerful animal
  • Benji – Diminutive of Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand” (Hebrew)
  • Boo – Term of endearment, often used for small or cute things
  • Carlos – Strong and manly (Spanish)
  • Diego – Supplanter (Spanish)
  • Eddie – Wealthy guardian (English)
  • Emilio – Industrious or striving (Spanish)
  • Fernando – Brave traveler or adventurous (Spanish)
  • Franz – Free man (German)
  • Gabriel – God is my strength (Hebrew)
  • Lorenzo – Laurel wreath or crowned with laurels (Italian)
  • Luis – Famous warrior (Spanish)
  • Marco – Warlike (Italian)
  • Max – Greatest (Latin)
  • Miguel – Who is like God? (Spanish)
  • Milo – Soldier or merciful (Germanic)
  • Moose – Large and sturdy animal known for its strength
  • Ollie – Olive tree (English)
  • Oscar – Divine spear (English)
  • Pablo – Small (Spanish)
  • Pedro – Rock (Spanish)
  • Rocky – Full of rocks or strong as a rock
  • Romeo – Pilgrim to Rome or romantic lover (Italian)
  • Ricky – Brave ruler (English)
  • Sergio – Attendant or servant (Latin)
  • Toby – God is good (Hebrew)
  • Tomtom – Diminutive form of Thomas, meaning “twin” (English)
  • Tucker – Fabric pleater or softener (English)
  • Walter – Powerful warrior (Germanic)
  • Winston – From the wine’s town or joyful stone (English)

Cute Chihuahua Names

Some names are just so cute, and what could be better than an adorable name for a little Chihuahua?

  • Baby – Affectionate term for something small and cute
  • Buttons – Small, round fasteners typically used on clothing
  • Cricket – Small jumping insect known for its chirping sound
  • Daisy – Innocence and purity; also a type of flower
  • Kiki – Variation of “cute” or “kittenish”
  • Mack – Shortened form of “Mackenzie” meaning “son of Kenneth” (Scottish)
  • Mini – Small or miniature
  • Minnie – Diminutive of “Wilhelmina” meaning “will helmet” (German)
  • Moose – Large and sturdy animal known for its strength
  • Munchkin – Small and adorable creature; also a breed of cat
  • Pippa – Diminutive of “Philippa” meaning “lover of horses” (Greek)
  • Pixie – Mythical creature associated with mischief and playfulness
  • Sprout – Young plant just beginning to grow
  • Roo – Diminutive of “Kangaroo,” a hopping marsupial
  • Rosie – Rose flower or cheerful and optimistic disposition
  • Tank – Strong and robust like a military tank
  • Tiny – Extremely small in size
  • Tito – Short form of “Tito” meaning “giant” (Spanish)
  • Winnie – Diminutive of “Winifred” meaning “blessed peacemaking” (Welsh)

Famous Chihuahua Names

If your new puppy is a star, he or she needs one of these famous names.

  • Bruiser – Strong and resilient, like a tough fighter (English)
  • Gidget – Diminutive form of “Gidgee,” meaning “good” or “trustworthy” (Australian Aboriginal)
  • Milly – Diminutive of “Millicent,” meaning “strong in work” (Germanic)
  • Mojo – Magical charm or talisman that brings good luck or success (African-American)
  • Ren – Short form of “Lauren” or “Renata,” meaning “reborn” or “born again” (Latin)
  • Tinkerbell – Playful and mischievous, like a tiny fairy (English)

Food-Inspired Chihuahua Names

You may also want to consider food names to describe your pup, including Mexican-inspired dishes as a nod to their country of origin.

  • Bean – Small and nutritious seed or legume
  • Buttercup – Bright yellow flower with cup-shaped petals
  • Brownie – Chocolatey dessert square
  • Cashew – Nut from the cashew tree
  • Chips – Crispy and crunchy snack made from potatoes or corn
  • Cookie – Sweet baked treat often containing chocolate chips
  • Margarita – Refreshing cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec
  • Muffin – Small, soft, and sweet baked bread
  • Nacho – Delicious snack made with tortilla chips, cheese, and toppings
  • Noodle – Long, thin strip of pasta
  • Olive – Edible fruit of the olive tree, often used in cooking and as a garnish
  • Peaches – Sweet and juicy fruit with fuzzy skin
  • Peanut – Nut with a thin shell and two seeds
  • Pepper – Spicy seasoning made from dried and ground peppercorns
  • Pistachio – Nut with a hard, shell-like exterior and green kernel
  • Potato – Starchy tuber vegetable often used in cooking
  • Pork Chop – Cut of meat from the pig, typically grilled or fried
  • Pumpkin – Large, round orange fruit often associated with autumn and Halloween
  • Salsa – Spicy and tangy sauce made with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and herbs
  • Sprinkles – Colorful candy decorations often used on desserts
  • Sushi – Japanese dish consisting of vinegared rice and various ingredients
  • Tater Tot – Small, cylindrical potato snack often served as a side dish
  • Taquito – Rolled-up tortilla filled with meat, cheese, and other ingredients
  • Waffles – Grid-patterned breakfast pastry made from batter
  • Ziti – Type of pasta shaped like long, narrow tubes
  • Cupcake – Indicates a sweet and adorable companion, like a delightful treat.

Tips for Naming Your Chihuahua

When naming your Chihuahua, you can choose a Hispanic-inspired name that nods to the origins of the species. You can also choose something cute, funny, or unusual. Just don’t make the name too long or hard to pronounce; This will make it easier for you and your puppy to find something small and sweet to eat.

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