168 Disney Dog Names

Whether your dog is a hero or a villain, here are some Disney dog names you’ll love.

Disney’s characters make perfect inspiration for dog names. Your pet’s Disney name can be both a tribute to a particular character or movie and a reflection of its personality, looks, or mannerisms. No matter if your dog is a hero or villain, a main character or a sidekick, one of these magical names is sure to fit perfectly.

168 Disney Dog Names
168 Disney Dog Names

These 168 Disney dog names will make your pup feel like a princess.

Top Disney Dog Names

In a magical universe with so many incredible names, these names take our top spot for creativity and beauty.

  • Olaf – “Ancestor’s descendant” (Scandinavian origin)
  • Baloo – “Bear” (Hindi origin)
  • Mowgli – “Free” (Hindi origin)
  • Stitch – “Join or mend fabric by interlocking loops of yarn” (English origin)
  • Tigger – Derived from “Tiger”
  • Eeyore – Variation of the sound a donkey makes, symbolizing gloominess
  • Roo – Short for “Kangaroo”
  • Scuttle – “Run hurriedly or furtively with short quick steps” (English origin)
  • Remy – “Oarsman” (French origin)
  • Bruno – “Brown” (German origin)
  • Simba – “Lion” (Swahili origin)
  • Pumbaa – “Simpleton” (Swahili origin)
  • Dopey – “Lacking intelligence; foolish” (English origin)
  • Happy – “Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment” (English origin)
  • Abu – “Father of” (Arabic origin)
  • Rajah – “Indian King or Prince” (Indian origin)
  • Hamm – “A movable frame on which meat is smoked or cured” (English origin)
  • Mushu – “Spicy Chinese sauce” (Chinese origin)
  • Bambi – “Child” (Italian origin)

Famous Disney Dogs

If you like logic and reason in your life, then you’ll agree that naming a dog after another dog sounds perfect.

  • Pluto – Named after the Disney character, Pluto is also the name of the ninth planet in our solar system.
  • Goofy – Inspired by the beloved Disney character known for his clumsiness and good-hearted nature.
  • Slinky – Named after the Slinky Dog character from the Toy Story movies, known for his stretching ability and loyalty.
  • Dug – Inspired by the talking dog from the movie Up, Dug is known for his enthusiastic and easily distracted personality.
  • Pongo – From the movie 101 Dalmatians, Pongo is the father of the Dalmatian puppies and exhibits bravery and intelligence.
  • Perdita – Also from 101 Dalmatians, Perdita is Pongo’s mate and is known for her elegance and maternal instincts.
  • Lucky – One of the Dalmatian puppies in 101 Dalmatians, Lucky is known for his adventurous spirit.
  • Roxanne – From the movie A Goofy Movie, Roxanne is the love interest of the main character, Max, known for her kindness and understanding.
  • Lady – From the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp, Lady is known for her gentle and loving nature.
  • Tramp – Also from Lady and the Tramp, Tramp is a stray dog with a rough exterior but a kind heart.
  • Jock – A Scottish terrier from Lady and the Tramp, Jock is known for his protective nature and loyalty to Lady.
  • Trusty – A bloodhound from Lady and the Tramp, Trusty is known for his wisdom and keen sense of smell.
  • Peg – Another character from Lady and the Tramp, Peg is known for her sassy attitude and warm heart.
  • Bolt – From the Disney movie Bolt, Bolt is a white shepherd dog known for his superpowers and loyalty to his owner.
  • Dante – From the movie Coco, Dante is a Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican hairless dog) known for his goofy behavior and loyalty to Miguel.
  • Max – From The Little Mermaid, Max is Prince Eric’s loyal and playful Old English Sheepdog.
  • Percy – From the movie Pocahontas, Percy is Governor Ratcliffe’s pampered pet pug known for his comedic antics.
  • Copper – From The Fox and the Hound, Copper is a hunting dog known for his friendship with Tod, the fox.
  • Nana – From the movie Peter Pan, Nana is the Darling family’s faithful Newfoundland dog known for her nurturing nature and dedication to the children.

Disney Sidekick Names

Just because they aren’t the main characters doesn’t mean that these sidekick names are any less worthy of a leading dog.

  • Tinker Bell – Named after the feisty fairy from Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is known for her mischievous and loyal nature.
  • Kronk – From The Emperor’s New Groove, Kronk is known for his dim-witted yet lovable personality.
  • Frozone – From The Incredibles, Frozone is known for his cool demeanor and ice powers.
  • Rex – From the Toy Story movies, Rex is a timid yet lovable toy dinosaur.
  • Meeko – From Pocahontas, Meeko is a mischievous raccoon known for his playful antics.
  • Nigel – From Finding Nemo, Nigel is a friendly pelican known for his helpfulness and loyalty.
  • Pascal – From Tangled, Pascal is a loyal chameleon known for his protective nature and sense of humor.
  • Flounder – From The Little Mermaid, Flounder is Ariel’s loyal and adventurous fish friend.
  • Sebastian – Also from The Little Mermaid, Sebastian is a wise and musical crab known for his Caribbean accent and catchy tunes.
  • Terk – From Tarzan, Terk is a feisty and energetic gorilla known for her tomboyish personality.
  • Lumière – From Beauty and the Beast, Lumière is a charismatic candelabra known for his charm and hospitality.
  • Chip – Also from Beauty and the Beast, Chip is a playful teacup known for his curiosity and bravery.
  • Mrs. Potts – Another character from Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Potts is a kind-hearted teapot known for her maternal instincts and wisdom.
  • LeFou – From Beauty and the Beast, LeFou is Gaston’s bumbling sidekick known for his loyalty and admiration for Gaston.
  • Ling – From Mulan, Ling is one of Mulan’s comrades known for his humor and bravery.
  • Thumper – From Bambi, Thumper is a playful rabbit known for his jovial personality and iconic foot thumping.
  • Timon – From The Lion King, Timon is a witty meerkat known for his carefree attitude and love of grub.
  • Zazu – Also from The Lion King, Zazu is a proper and loyal hornbill known for his dedication to the pride.
  • Heihei – From Moana, Heihei is a clueless yet lovable rooster known for his comedic antics.
  • Mr. Smee – From Peter Pan, Mr. Smee is Captain Hook’s loyal and somewhat bumbling first mate.
  • Sven – From Frozen, Sven is Kristoff’s loyal reindeer companion known for his unwavering support.
  • Gus – From Cinderella, Gus is a plump and kind-hearted mouse known for his bravery and friendship.
  • Jiminy Cricket – From Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket is a wise and compassionate cricket known for his guidance and moral compass.
  • Genie – From Aladdin, Genie is a magical and eccentric being known for his humor and ability to grant wishes.

Disney Hero Dog Names

These names are for the dogs that provide energy to the main character.

  • Woody – Named after the cowboy doll from Toy Story, Woody is known for his loyalty and bravery.
  • Buzz Lightyear – Also from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger action figure known for his bravery and catchphrase “To infinity and beyond!”
  • Mirabel – From the movie Encanto, Mirabel is known for her kindness and determination to save her family’s magic.
  • Hercules – Inspired by the legendary Greek hero known for his strength and courage.
  • Lightning McQueen – From the Cars movies, Lightning McQueen is a racing car known for his speed and determination.
  • Lilo – From Lilo and Stitch, Lilo is a spirited Hawaiian girl known for her love of family and loyalty to her alien friend Stitch.
  • Alice – From Alice in Wonderland, Alice is known for her curiosity and adventurous spirit.
  • Baymax – From Big Hero 6, Baymax is a healthcare companion robot known for his caring nature and sense of humor.
  • Tarzan – Inspired by the character raised by gorillas in the jungle, known for his athleticism and connection with animals.
  • Arlo – From The Good Dinosaur, Arlo is a timid yet courageous young dinosaur known for his journey of self-discovery.
  • Mr. Incredible – From The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr) is a superhero known for his strength and dedication to his family.
  • Sully – From Monsters Inc., Sully (James P. Sullivan) is a lovable blue monster known for his friendship with Boo and his job as a scarer.
  • Jack Sparrow – From Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow is a witty and adventurous pirate known for his charm and cunning.
  • Nemo – From Finding Nemo, Nemo is a curious clownfish known for his adventurous spirit and determination to reunite with his father.
  • Dory – Also from Finding Nemo, Dory is a forgetful yet optimistic blue tang fish known for her loyalty and ability to speak whale.
  • Luca – From the movie Luca, Luca is a sea monster boy who dreams of exploring the human world, known for his curiosity and bravery.
  • Maui – From Moana, Maui is a demigod known for his shape-shifting abilities and his role in helping Moana on her journey.
  • Kuzco – From The Emperor’s New Groove, Kuzco is a self-centered emperor turned llama known for his journey of humility and self-discovery.

Disney Villain Dog Names

If you like a little dose of evil to spice things up, names inspired by Disney villains could be great for those particularly naughty pups.

  • Gaston – From Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is the arrogant and self-absorbed antagonist known for his muscular physique and narcissistic personality.
  • Ursula – From The Little Mermaid, Ursula is the cunning sea witch known for her dark magic and manipulative nature.
  • Maleficent – From Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is the dark fairy known for her iconic horns and her curse upon Princess Aurora.
  • Hans – From Frozen, Hans is the deceptive prince known for his charming facade and his betrayal of Anna.
  • Yzma – From The Emperor’s New Groove, Yzma is the power-hungry advisor to Emperor Kuzco known for her eccentricity and her schemes to take over the kingdom.
  • Scar – From The Lion King, Scar is the cunning and ruthless lion known for his jealousy and his plot to usurp the throne from his brother, Mufasa.
  • Captain Hook – From Peter Pan, Captain Hook is the fearsome pirate captain known for his hook hand and his obsession with seeking revenge on Peter Pan.
  • Hades – From Hercules, Hades is the witty and sarcastic god of the underworld known for his fiery temper and his schemes to overthrow Zeus.
  • Jafar – From Aladdin, Jafar is the sinister sorcerer known for his hypnotic staff and his quest for power and the genie’s lamp.
  • Sid – From Toy Story, Sid is the sadistic neighbor known for his penchant for destroying toys and his creepy experiments.
  • Hopper – From A Bug’s Life, Hopper is the intimidating grasshopper leader known for his tyrannical rule over the ant colony and his fear tactics.
  • Gantu – From Lilo and Stitch, Gantu is the imposing alien captain known for his loyalty to his superiors and his pursuit of Stitch.
  • Bruce – From Finding Nemo, Bruce is the friendly yet temperamental great white shark known for his struggle to resist his predatory instincts.
  • Randall – From Monsters Inc., Randall is the sneaky chameleon-like monster known for his attempts to scare children and his rivalry with Sulley.

Disney Prince Dog Names

These prominent gentlemen make a classy and regal name.

  • Naveen – From The Princess and the Frog, Prince Naveen is the charming prince known for his wit and charm, who is transformed into a frog.
  • Prince Charming – A classic fairy tale character, Prince Charming is known for his gallantry and romantic pursuits, often appearing in stories like Cinderella.
  • Flynn – From Tangled, Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert) is the roguish yet lovable thief known for his adventurous spirit and eventual redemption.
  • Eric – From The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric is the kind-hearted prince known for his love of the sea and his eventual romance with Ariel.
  • Beast – From Beauty and the Beast, the Beast (Prince Adam) is the cursed prince known for his initial gruffness and eventual transformation through love.
  • Li Shang – From Mulan, Captain Li Shang is the brave and honorable military leader known for his discipline and eventual respect for Mulan.
  • Phillip – From Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip is the courageous prince known for his battle against Maleficent and his true love for Aurora.
  • Kristoff – From Frozen, Kristoff is the rugged ice harvester known for his loyalty to Anna and his friendship with Sven.
  • Aladdin – The titular character of the movie Aladdin, known for his street-smart demeanor, his magic carpet rides, and his quest for true love.
  • John Smith – From Pocahontas, John Smith is the adventurous English explorer known for his encounters with the Native American princess Pocahontas.
  • Mufasa – From The Lion King, Mufasa is the wise and noble lion king known for his guidance to Simba and his tragic demise.
  • Triton – From The Little Mermaid, King Triton is Ariel’s father and ruler of the sea known for his protective nature and his powerful trident.

Disney Princess Dog Names

  • Belle – From Beauty and the Beast, Belle is the intelligent and compassionate book-loving young woman known for her kindness and love for adventure.
  • Pocahontas – The titular character of the movie Pocahontas, known for her connection to nature, bravery, and compassion.
  • Cinderella – The iconic Disney princess known for her kindness, grace, and enduring optimism despite facing adversity.
  • Mulan – The courageous heroine of Mulan, known for her bravery, loyalty, and determination to protect her family and country.
  • Ariel – From The Little Mermaid, Ariel is the adventurous and curious mermaid known for her love of exploring the human world and her beautiful singing voice.
  • Tiana – From The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is the hardworking and ambitious waitress known for her dream of owning her own restaurant and her resilience.
  • Jasmine – From Aladdin, Princess Jasmine is the independent and spirited princess known for her desire for freedom and her compassionate nature.
  • Rapunzel – From Tangled, Rapunzel is the adventurous and artistic princess known for her long magical hair and her journey of self-discovery.
  • Aurora – From Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora is the gentle and kind-hearted princess known for her beauty and her encounter with the evil Maleficent.
  • Snow White – The titular character of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, known for her kindness, innocence, and resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Merida – From Brave, Merida is the bold and adventurous Scottish princess known for her archery skills and her determination to forge her own path.
  • Moana – The courageous and determined Polynesian princess from the movie Moana, known for her love of the ocean and her quest to save her island.
  • Elsa – From Frozen, Queen Elsa is the powerful ice queen known for her icy powers and her journey of self-acceptance and sisterly love.
  • Anna – Also from Frozen, Princess Anna is the optimistic and adventurous sister of Elsa known for her loyalty and her love for her family.
  • Raya – From Raya and the Last Dragon, Raya is the brave and resourceful warrior princess known for her quest to restore peace to her divided land.
  • Atta – From A Bug’s Life, Princess Atta is the responsible and caring ant princess known for her leadership skills and her determination to protect her colony.
  • Giselle – From Enchanted, Giselle is the optimistic and kind-hearted fairy tale maiden known for her belief in true love and her eventual journey to the real world.
  • Mia – From The Princess Diaries, Mia is the awkward yet endearing teenager who discovers she’s a princess and learns to navigate royal life with grace and humor.
  • Nala – From The Lion King, Nala is Simba’s childhood friend and eventual queen known for her bravery, loyalty, and love for her pride.

More Disney Names From Popular Shows and Movies

  • Mickey – Named after Mickey Mouse, the iconic Disney character known for his cheerful personality and adventurous spirit.
  • Minnie – Named after Minnie Mouse, Mickey’s sweetheart known for her kindness, fashion sense, and supportive nature.
  • Donald Duck – The iconic Disney character known for his short temper, comedic antics, and loyalty to his friends.
  • Piglet – From Winnie the Pooh, Piglet is the timid yet loyal friend of Winnie the Pooh known for his bravery despite his small size.
  • Pooh – From Winnie the Pooh, Pooh Bear is the lovable and honey-obsessed bear known for his wisdom and simple outlook on life.
  • Christopher Robin – Also from Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin is the human boy who is friends with Pooh and the other inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood.
  • Dumbo – The adorable elephant from the movie Dumbo known for his oversized ears and his ability to fly.
  • Pacha – From The Emperor’s New Groove, Pacha is the kind-hearted peasant known for his loyalty to his family and his willingness to help others.
  • Edna – From The Incredibles, Edna Mode is the eccentric fashion designer known for her iconic catchphrase “No capes!” and her impeccable sense of style.
  • Dash – From The Incredibles, Dash is the super-fast son of the Parr family known for his mischievous nature and his love of speed.
  • Jack-Jack – Also from The Incredibles, Jack-Jack is the baby of the Parr family known for his unpredictable superpowers.
  • Boo – From Monsters Inc., Boo is the curious and fearless little girl known for her friendship with Sulley and her ability to melt hearts.
  • Mama Coco – From Coco, Mama Coco is Miguel’s beloved great-grandmother known for her love of music and her connection to her family’s history.
  • Ernesto de la Cruz – Also from Coco, Ernesto de la Cruz is the famous musician in the Land of the Dead known for his charisma and his dark secrets.
  • Joy – From Inside Out, Joy is the radiant and optimistic emotion known for her mission to keep Riley happy and her infectious energy.
  • Bing Bong – Also from Inside Out, Bing Bong is Riley’s long-forgotten imaginary friend known for his whimsical nature and his heartbreaking sacrifice.
  • Bashful – From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bashful is one of the seven dwarfs known for his shyness and his gentle demeanor.
  • Bo Peep – From Toy Story, Bo Peep is the porcelain shepherdess known for her independence, resourcefulness, and her love for Woody.
  • Doc Hudson – From Cars, Doc Hudson is the wise and gruff Hudson Hornet known for his mentorship of Lightning McQueen and his racing legacy.
  • Louisa – From Encanto, Louisa is the strong and protective sister known for her superhuman strength and her devotion to her family.
  • Esmeralda – From The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda is the independent and compassionate gypsy known for her kindness and her fight against injustice.
  • Flit – From Pocahontas, Flit is the feisty and loyal hummingbird companion of Pocahontas known for his protective nature.
  • Willow – Also from Pocahontas, Willow is Grandmother Willow, the wise and mystical talking willow tree known for her guidance and wisdom.
  • Tamatoa – From Moana, Tamatoa is the flamboyant and self-absorbed giant crab known for his obsession with shiny treasures.
  • Kerchak – From Tarzan, Kerchak is the leader of the gorilla troop known for his stoic nature and his protective instincts.
  • Jane – Also from Tarzan, Jane is the kind-hearted and adventurous explorer known for her curiosity and her eventual romance with Tarzan.
  • Koda – From Brother Bear, Koda is the energetic and talkative bear cub known for his friendship with Kenai and his adventurous spirit.
  • Pinocchio – The wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy, known for his journey of self-discovery and his lessons in honesty and bravery.
  • Gideon – From Pinocchio, Gideon is the mischievous and silent companion of Honest John known for his antics and his love of mischief.
  • Cleo – Also from Pinocchio, Cleo is Geppetto’s pet goldfish known for her beauty and her graceful swimming.
  • Dot – From A Bug’s Life, Dot is Princess Atta’s energetic and optimistic younger sister known for her bravery and her eventual leadership.
  • Wendy – From Peter Pan, Wendy Darling is the kind-hearted and imaginative girl known for her adventures in Neverland and her maternal instincts.
  • Colette – From Ratatouille, Colette is the talented and determined chef known for her culinary skills and her tough love approach to cooking.
  • Linguini – Also from Ratatouille, Alfredo Linguini is the clumsy yet aspiring chef known for his unexpected partnership with Remy the rat.
  • Bert – From Mary Poppins, Bert is the charming and multi-talented chimney sweep known for his friendship with Mary Poppins and his love of adventure.
  • Russell – From Up, Russell is the enthusiastic Wilderness Explorer known for his determination to earn his merit badges and his unlikely friendship with Carl.
  • Adelaide – From The Aristocats, Madame Adelaide Bonfamille is the elegant and kind-hearted owner of Duchess and her kittens known for her love of her pets.
  • Duchess – Also from The Aristocats, Duchess is the refined and elegant mother cat known for her grace and her devotion to her kittens.
  • Apollo – From Hercules, Apollo is the god of the sun and light known for his radiant appearance and his association with music and prophecy.
  • Bagheera – From The Jungle Book, Bagheera is the wise and noble black panther known for his protective nature and his mentorship of Mowgli.
  • Cookie – From Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Cookie Farnsworth is the eccentric and adventurous cook known for his culinary skills and his love of adventure.
  • Flora – From Sleeping Beauty, Flora is one of the three good fairies known for her gift of beauty and her role in protecting Princess Aurora.

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