French Bulldog Names: 213 Adorable Picks for Your Frenchie

Matching your French Bulldog’s delightful personality, striking looks, or compact size with the perfect name.

In the midst of setting up your home for the arrival of your new French Bulldog, deliberating on the ideal French Bulldog name for your little furball is likely high on your list. Despite the geographical hint in their name, French Bulldogs, or Frenchies, actually hail from England but later captured hearts in Paris. Nowadays, they stand as incredibly sought-after companions across the United States. It’s hardly a surprise, given their playful nature, endearing silliness, and affectionate demeanor. French Bulldogs pack a lot of spirit and love into their small frames, not to mention their iconic, lovable bat ears and squishable faces.

Here’s a curated collection of 213 French Bulldog names to inspire the naming of your charming Frenchie.

French Bulldog Names: 213 Adorable Picks for Your Frenchie
French Bulldog Names: 213 Adorable Picks for Your Frenchie

Male French Bulldog Names: Classic and Fun Picks for Your Monsieur

Select from this list of French-inspired, classic, and playful names for your distinguished male French Bulldog.

Male French Bulldog Names: Classic and Fun Picks for Your Monsieur
Male French Bulldog Names: #DogNaming

Male French Bulldog Names with Meanings

  • Angus – One strength
  • Argento – Silver
  • Armani – Warrior, free man
  • Bandit – Outlaw, thief
  • Barney – Strong, brave bear
  • Baxter – Baker
  • Beau – Handsome
  • Benny – Blessed
  • Benson – Son of Ben
  • Bleu – Blue
  • Boris – Fighter, warrior
  • Brioche – A French pastry, sweet and loved
  • Bruce – The willowlands
  • Bruno – Brown
  • Brutus – Heavy, muscular
  • Bud – Friend
  • Buster – Tough guy
  • Champ – Short for Champion, a winner
  • Charles (Charlie) – Free man
  • Chauncey – Chancellor, office holder
  • Chester – Fortress, walled town
  • Chewie – Chewer, possibly inspired by Chewbacca for his fluffy look
  • Chief – Leader, head
  • Chopper – Breaker, biker
  • Claude – Lame, but also an illustrious Roman family name
  • Cornelius – Horn
  • Dijon – After the city in France, known for mustard
  • Dmitry – Devoted to Demeter, goddess of the harvest
  • Doug – Dark water
  • Elton – Ella’s town
  • Elvis – All wise
  • Emil – Rival, laborious
  • Frank – Free one
  • Gaston – Guest, stranger
  • Gnocchi – Named after the Italian dumpling, cute and plump
  • Gumbo – After the stew, representing a mix of great qualities
  • Gus – Short for Gustav, staff of the Goths
  • Hamilton – Beautiful mountain
  • Hugo – Mind, intellect
  • Jaq – Supplanter, substitute
  • Jean Luc – God is gracious, light
  • Kirby – Church settlement
  • Leo – Lion
  • Lou – Famous warrior
  • Lyon – Lion, also a city in France
  • Manny – God is with us
  • Milo – Soldier or merciful
  • Monty – Mountain
  • Napoleon – Lion of the new city
  • Nico – Victory of the people
  • Norman – Man from the North
  • Oscar – God spear, or deer-lover
  • Otis – Wealthy
  • Percy – Pierce valley
  • Pierre – Rock, stone
  • Pinto – Painted, spotted
  • Poncho – Cloak, symbolizing protection
  • Quincy – Estate of the fifth son
  • Rocky – Rest
  • Roscoe – Deer forest
  • Roy – King
  • Rudy – Famous wolf
  • Sebastian – Venerable, revered
  • Sinatra – Italian surname, associated with the singer, means ‘sinewy’
  • Theodore – Gift of God
  • Tyrion – From “Game of Thrones”, possibly means noble
  • Walter – Army ruler
  • Watson – Son of Wat
  • Willow – Freedom, grace, named after the willow tree
  • Winston – Joy stone

Female French Bulldog Names: Cool, Classy, and Sassy Picks for Your Merry Mademoiselle

Explore this selection of names, perfect for adding a touch of cool, class, or sass to your delightful female French Bulldog.

Female French Bulldog Names: Cool, Classy, and Sassy Picks for Your Merry Mademoiselle
Female French Bulldog Names: #DogNaming

Female French Bulldog Names with Meanings

  • Adèle – Noble, soft, pleasant
  • Antoinette – Priceless, inestimable or praiseworthy
  • Babette – My God is plentiful
  • Belle – Beautiful
  • Bernadette (Bernie) – Brave as a bear
  • Bijou – Jewel
  • Bleu – Blue
  • Bonnie – Pretty, charming
  • Brie – A region in France; also, a type of cheese
  • Béatrice (Betty) – She who brings happiness; blessed
  • Camille – Young ceremonial attendant
  • Celeste – Heavenly
  • Chanel – Canal or channel, after the fashion brand
  • Chloé – Blooming or fertility
  • Claire – Clear, bright, famous
  • Clementine – Mild, merciful
  • Cleo – To praise, acclaim
  • Coco – Coconut or could be derived from “coquette” meaning flirtatious woman
  • Cosette – Little thing
  • Céline – Moon
  • Daisy – Day’s eye, a flower
  • Darcy – Dark one
  • Désirée – Desired, wished
  • Eloise – Healthy or wide
  • Eva – Life or living one
  • Fendi – After the fashion brand, symbolizing luxury
  • Fleur – Flower
  • Florence – Flourishing, prosperous
  • Francesca – Free one
  • Gelda – Sacrifice or value
  • Genevieve – Woman of the race
  • Georgette – Farmer or earth worker
  • Gigi – Earth worker or God is gracious
  • Honey – Sweet and affectionate
  • Iris – Rainbow
  • Ivy – Fidelity, eternity
  • Jezebel – Not exalted
  • Josephine (Jo or Josie) – God will increase
  • Josette – God will add or increase
  • Joy – Happiness
  • Jules – Youthful, soft, downy
  • Juliette – Youthful
  • Layla – Night
  • Lilou – Lily
  • Lola – Sorrows
  • Lucie – Light
  • Lulu – Pearl
  • Mabel – Lovable
  • Macy – Weapon
  • Madeline – Woman from Magdala or high tower
  • Margeaux – Pearl
  • Marie – Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved
  • Mimi – Imitating, resembling
  • Minnie – Of the mind, intellect or memory
  • Missy – Bee, honey
  • Mitzi – Rebellious
  • Odette – Wealthy
  • Olive – Olive tree, symbol of peace
  • Ophelia – Help
  • Paris – After the capital city of France
  • Penelope (Penny) – Weaver
  • Petunia – Flower, of the petunia plant
  • Phoebe – Bright, shining
  • Piper – Pipe player
  • Pippa – Lover of horses
  • Poppy – Flower
  • Princess – Royal daughter
  • Renée – Reborn
  • Rose – A flower, symbol of love and beauty
  • Rue – Regret
  • Sophia – Wisdom
  • Stella – Star
  • Tulip – A flower, symbol of perfect love
  • Violet – Purple/blue flower, a color
  • Vivienne – Alive
  • Wanda – A slender, young tree
  • Winifred (Winnie) – Blessed peacemaking
  • Zoé – Life

Cute French Bulldog Names: Adorable Picks for Your Frenchie

Given the irresistibly adorable looks of French Bulldogs, choosing a cute name is simply fitting for these charming companions.

Cute French Bulldog Names: Adorable Picks for Your Frenchie
Cute French Bulldog Names: #DogNaming

Cute French Bulldog Names with Meanings

  • Amour – Love
  • Beans – After the small, but essential food item, for something small and essential in your life
  • Bebe – Baby in French, for your little one
  • Biscuit – For a dog as sweet and crunchy as a cookie
  • Boo – A term of endearment, for someone you love
  • Bubba – Brother, for a dog that’s like family
  • Bun – Short for bunny, for a Frenchie as cute as a rabbit
  • Butters – For a dog with a soft, creamy coat or personality
  • Butterscotch – For a sweet dog with a golden, caramel color or disposition
  • Chouchou – French term of endearment, meaning favorite or darling
  • Chowder – For a dog with a mix of wonderful qualities, like a delicious stew
  • Cinnamon – For a dog with spicy yet sweet characteristics
  • Cookie – For a sweet dog that brings joy like a cookie
  • Duchess – For a dog with a noble and dignified presence
  • Dumpling – For a dog that’s as satisfying and comforting as the food
  • Mochi – For a dog that’s as sweet and soft as the Japanese rice cake
  • Moose – For a large, gentle dog, despite the French Bulldog’s small size
  • Nacho – For a dog that’s as spicy and lively as the snack
  • Noodle – For a dog that’s as flexible and lovable as pasta
  • Nugget – For a precious, small dog like a gold nugget
  • Oreo – For a dog with a striking black and white coat
  • Peanut – For a small but mighty dog
  • Pepper – For a dog with a spicy personality
  • Pickles – For a dog with a zesty, lively personality
  • Pinto – For a dog with a coat as speckled as pinto beans
  • Potato – For a dog that enjoys lounging around, like a couch potato
  • Sprout – For a young, sprightly dog
  • Spud – Another term for potato, for a lovable, laid-back dog
  • Stitch – For a dog that’s as unique and mischievous as the character from “Lilo & Stitch”
  • Tater – Short for potato, for a dog that’s essential and wholesome
  • Tinkerbell – For a dog that’s as magical and captivating as the fairy
  • Toast – For a dog that’s as warm and comforting as toasted bread
  • Tofu – For a dog with a soft, gentle nature

Unique French Bulldog Names: Distinctive Choices for Your Frenchie

Celebrate your French Bulldog’s individuality with a name as unique and captivating as they are. With these original names, you’re unlikely to hear another at the dog park, ensuring your Frenchie stands out.

Unique French Bulldog Names: Distinctive Choices for Your Frenchie
Unique French Bulldog Names: #DogNaming

Unique French Bulldog Names with Meanings

  • Burgundy – A region in France known for its rich wines and deep history.
  • Citron – French for “lemon,” reflecting a zesty and vibrant personality.
  • D’artagnan – Named after a brave and adventurous character from “The Three Musketeers.”
  • Dior – Inspired by the iconic French fashion house, symbolizing elegance.
  • Eiffel – After the Eiffel Tower, representing a towering presence.
  • Esme – Means “esteemed” or “loved” in French, for a cherished pet.
  • Givenchy – Another renowned French fashion brand, denoting sophistication and style.
  • Hermès – Symbolizing high-quality craftsmanship and timeless luxury.
  • Laurent – Could be inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, representing revolutionary fashion and creativity.
  • Louboutin – For a pet with a personality as distinctive as the red-soled shoes.
  • Mignon – Means “cute” or “delicate” in French, perfect for an adorable Frenchie.
  • Monet – Inspired by Claude Monet, reflecting beauty and artistry.
  • Montpellier – A vibrant city in the south of France, known for its sunny disposition.
  • Roquefort – A unique name inspired by the famous French blue cheese, for a dog with a strong character.
  • Sarte – Possibly a nod to Jean-Paul Sartre, representing depth and intellect.
  • Versailles – After the Palace of Versailles, denoting grandeur and magnificence.
  • Voltaire – Reflecting wit and enlightenment, inspired by the famous philosopher.
  • Vuitton – Louis Vuitton, symbolizing luxury, travel, and exploration.

Funny French Bulldog Names: Whimsical Choices for Your Comical Companion

Embrace the playful and joyful spirit of your French Bulldog with a name that reflects their status as the ultimate “clown dog”. These whimsical and funny names are perfect for a Frenchie who brings smiles and laughter into your life.

Funny French Bulldog Names: Whimsical Choices for Your Comical Companion
Funny French Bulldog Names: #DogNaming

Funny French Bulldog Names with Meanings

  • Baguette – After the famous French bread, for a long-bodied Frenchie.
  • Biggie – For a small dog with a big personality or presence.
  • Bowser – Inspired by the video game character, for a Frenchie that’s king of its castle.
  • Croissant – For a dog that’s as flaky, buttery, and delightful as the pastry.
  • Dozer – For a bulldog who loves to sleep or bulldoze through their toys.
  • Meatball – A cute name for a round, plump Frenchie.
  • Piglet – For a little dog with a big appetite or a cute snorting sound.
  • Spock – For the dog with large, pointy ears, reminiscent of the “Star Trek” character.
  • Squirt – Perfect for a small or young French Bulldog.
  • Tank – For a small, sturdy dog that moves with determination.
  • Teeny – An endearing name for a petite Frenchie.
  • Toad – For a Frenchie that hops around or has a squat appearance.
  • Yoda – For a wise-looking French Bulldog with large, prominent ears.

More French Bulldog Name Ideas: Expand Your Search

If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect name for your fabulous Frenchie, broaden your options with these additional lists to find a name that truly fits your pet’s unique character and charm.

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