151+ Cool Viking Dog Names

Choosing a Norse name for your dog is one of the best things you can do

A sense of adventure and a spirit of determination are inspired by the Nordic culture of the Vikings and the stories of ancient Scandinavia. If you’re looking for a Viking dog name for your new four-legged friend, you’ll find plenty of interesting and unique options based on the language, story, people, and places of Norse and Viking culture. In addition, Nordic gods’ names, such as Thor, Loki, and Odin, are very popular dog names.

151+ Cool Viking Dog Names
151+ Cool Viking Dog Names

There are many popular Norse names for dogs derived from the ancient Old Norse language, including Rune, Ulf, and Astrid. Other names are inspired by epic figures from Norse history, such as Leif Erickson, and make a bold statement. Dogs of all sizes are good candidates for a Norse name. If your dog hails from the Nordic regions, such as the Norwegian Buhund or Norwegian Elkhound, you might also want to consider a Viking dog name. Having Nordic heritage isn’t a requirement for a Norse dog name.

Whether you’re looking for Viking dog names for a male or female dog, we’ve got a list of the best options for you. These popular and unique dog names will set your imagination adrift!

Top Norse Dog Names

  • Olaf – “ancestor’s descendant” (Old Norse)
  • Asgard – “enclosure of the gods” (Old Norse)
  • Erik – “eternal ruler” (Old Norse)
  • Bjorn (Bear) – “bear” (Old Norse)
  • Leif – “heir, descendant” (Old Norse)
  • Astrid – “divine strength” (Old Norse)
  • Frode (Wise) – “wise, clever” (Old Norse)
  • Thor – “thunder” (Old Norse)
  • Loki – “trickster god” (Old Norse)
  • Frigga – “beloved” (Old Norse)
  • Saga – “story, legend” (Old Norse)
  • Alf – “elf, supernatural being” (Old Norse)
  • Bein (Bone, Ivory) – “bone” (Old Norse)
  • Viking – “pirate raid” (Old Norse)
  • Ingrid – “beautiful” (Old Norse)

Viking Dog Names From Norse Gods and Goddesses

A fierce people, the Vikings were accompanied by many fierce, energetic gods. Choosing a name that once belonged to a Norse deity or goddess will celebrate your dog’s big, outgoing spirit, even if it is small in size.

  • Thor – Meaning “thunder” or “thunder god,” perfect for a strong and mighty dog.
  • Odin – Named after the king of the gods, symbolizing wisdom and leadership.
  • Loki – Ideal for a mischievous or playful dog, named after the god of mischief.
  • Freya – Symbolizing love and beauty, suitable for a graceful and affectionate female dog.
  • Frigga – Meaning “beloved,” great for a dog known for its loyalty and devotion.
  • Hel – Named after the goddess of the dead, fitting for a mysterious or dark-colored dog.
  • Njord – Signifying sea and wind, a good choice for a water-loving or adventurous dog.
  • Baldur – Representing peace and beauty, suitable for a serene and handsome dog.
  • Delling – Meaning “dawn,” perfect for a lively and energetic dog that greets each day with enthusiasm.
  • Heimdall – Named after the guardian of the gods, ideal for a vigilant and watchful dog.
  • Hermod – Symbolizing the messenger of the gods, fitting for a quick and agile dog.
  • Vidar – Signifying vengeance, great for a protective and strong dog that defends its family.
  • Valhalla – Inspired by the hall of slain warriors, suitable for a brave and fearless dog.
  • Ragnarok – Representing the end of the world, fitting for a dog with a powerful presence or intense demeanor.
  • Freki – Meaning “ravenous” or “greedy,” ideal for a food-loving or enthusiastic eater.
  • Geri – Signifying “ravager” or “greedy,” great for a dog known for its voracious appetite.

Dog Names from Old Norse Words

Old Norse was the language of the Vikings and the ancient Scandinavians. Although the language is extinct today, many words and phrases have been preserved. Norse dog names made from some of these words are great choices. The word ‘Runa’ means bear in Old Norse, so you’ll have a lot of fun explaining that ‘Bjorn’ is in fact the name of your large breed dog.

Our list of Old Norse dog names includes the translation for every word, so no need to look for a Norse dictionary.

  • Ulf (Wolf) – A strong and loyal companion, reminiscent of the wild and fierce spirit of a wolf.
  • Rune, Runa (Secret) – Symbolizing the special bond and understanding shared between you and your canine friend.
  • Astrid (Beautiful) – Reflecting the grace and elegance of your beloved dog.
  • Akkeri (Anchor) – Signifying the stability and grounding presence your dog brings to your life.
  • Frida (Peace) – Evoking a sense of calm and tranquility, perfect for a serene and gentle pup.
  • Bjorn (Bear) – Ideal for a robust and powerful dog, akin to the strength and resilience of a bear.
  • Aska (Ashes) – Representing the fiery and spirited nature of your canine companion.
  • Bein (Bone, Ivy) – A unique name choice that can symbolize both strength (bone) and adaptability (ivy).
  • Sjór (Sea) – Perfect for a water-loving dog, embodying the adventurous spirit of the open sea.
  • Revna (Raven) – Symbolizing intelligence and curiosity, fitting for a clever and inquisitive pooch.
  • Frode (Wise) – Ideal for a dog known for its wisdom and discerning nature.
  • Dagmar (Maiden of the Day) – A beautiful name that reflects the brightness and joy your dog brings to each day.
  • Erling (Heir) – Suggesting a sense of legacy and importance, perfect for a cherished family pet.
  • Ake (Ancestors) – Honoring the lineage and heritage of your furry friend.
  • Enar (Fighter) – Suitable for a courageous and determined dog who faces challenges head-on.
  • Hakan (Of the chosen) – Reflecting the special bond between you and your chosen companion.
  • Kelby (A farm near a spring) – Conjuring images of pastoral beauty and tranquility, ideal for a dog who loves the outdoors.
  • Keldan (From the spring) – A name that speaks to the vitality and freshness your dog brings to your life.
  • Rana (Nobility) – Reflecting the regal and dignified demeanor of your beloved canine.
  • Berserker (One who fights in a frenzy) – For the spirited and energetic dog who approaches life with gusto.

Male Norse Dog Names

Viking languages are full of strong words that make perfect dog names for powerful males. The following are the best Norse dog names for small and large dogs.

  • Viking – strong and fearless warrior
  • Magnus – great, mighty
  • Aethelwulf – noble wolf
  • Arne (Eagle) – eagle, symbol of strength and freedom
  • Alf – elf, supernatural being with magical qualities
  • Bo – living, to dwell
  • Erik – eternal ruler
  • Leif – heir, descendant
  • Guthrum – battle raven
  • Ivar – archer, bow warrior
  • Siggy – victory
  • Alvis – all-wise, all-knowing
  • Sune (Son) – son, offspring
  • Gunnar – bold warrior
  • Aaric – ruler of all
  • Dale – valley dweller
  • Garth (Garden) – gardener, cultivator
  • Sigurd – victorious protector
  • Gunther – warrior, battle warrior
  • Harold, Harald (Commander) – leader of the army
  • Quimby – estate of the woman
  • Rollo – famous wolf
  • Roscoe – deer forest
  • Heahmund – high protector
  • Ecbert – bright edge
  • Forkbeard – having a forked beard
  • Horik – high ruler
  • Kalf – calf, young cow
  • Svend (Young) – youth
  • Rurik – famous ruler
  • Folke – people’s warrior
  • Halvor – rock defender
  • Bloodaxe – fierce warrior
  • Jotun – giant
  • Floki – cunning, clever
  • Sindri – small hammer
  • Vale – valley dweller
  • Bard – poet, singer
  • Birger – helper, protector
  • Einar – lone warrior
  • Fell – rocky hill
  • Tyr – god of war
  • Harbard – gray-bearded one
  • Bein – bone, strong and sturdy
  • Buri – ancestor of gods
  • Hermund – great warrior
  • Asmund – divine protector
  • Jerrik – ever-ruler
  • Knute – knot, strong and unbreakable
  • Rangvald – advisor in battle

Female Norse Dog Names

Female dogs have both strong and beautiful Norse dog names to choose from. Other names were (and still are) popular Norwegian or Scandinavian names, while others were Viking words or expressions.

  • Freya – Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  • Astrid – Divine strength or beauty in Old Norse.
  • Hilda – Battle maiden in Old Norse.
  • Sigrid – Victory in Old Norse.
  • Halle – From the Old Norse word for rock.
  • Asta – Love in Scandinavian languages.
  • Edda – Great grandmother or great aunt in Old Norse.
  • Frida – Peace in Old Norse.
  • Ingrid – Beautiful, loved one in Old Norse.
  • Yrsa – She-bear in Old Norse.
  • Saga – Story in Old Norse.
  • Aska – Ash tree in Old Norse.
  • Tove – Dove in Old Norse.
  • Aslaug – Devine woman in Old Norse.
  • Ama – Eagle in Native American.
  • Dagmar – Day maid in Old Norse.
  • Valkyrie – Chooser of the slain in Old Norse mythology.
  • Gyda – Goddess of beauty and love in Old Norse.
  • Jora – Goddess of springtime and fertility in Norse mythology.
  • Magna – Strength in Old Norse.
  • Gisli – Ray of light in Old Norse.
  • Dahlia – From the valley in Scandinavian.
  • Elin – Torch of light in Old Norse.
  • Gale – From the Old Norse word for a gust of wind.
  • Kari – Gust of wind in Old Norse.
  • Torvi – Wife of the thunder god Thor in Norse mythology.
  • Gunnhild – Battle warrior in Old Norse.
  • Skogul – One of Odin’s Valkyries, meaning “shaker of the shield” in Old Norse.
  • Kelda – Fountain in Old Norse.
  • Rinda – Giant in Old Norse mythology.
  • Hertha – Powerful, mighty in Old Norse.
  • Gunborg – Protected by the battle god in Old Norse.
  • Eira – Snow in Old Norse.
  • Torhild – Battle of Thor in Old Norse.
  • Sassa – From the Old Norse name Sassafras.
  • Brenna – From the Old Norse word for fire.
  • Rona – Mighty strength in Old Norse.
  • Inger – Hero’s daughter in Old Norse.
  • Gertrud – Spear of strength in Old Norse.
  • Lagertha – Legendary Viking warrior in Norse mythology.
  • Thora – Thunder in Old Norse.
  • Katla – Pure in Old Norse.
  • Nott – Night in Old Norse mythology.
  • Tone – Thunder in Old Norse.
  • Rane – Counsel in Old Norse.
  • Holga – Hidden or secretive in Old Norse.
  • Skadi – Goddess of winter and hunting in Norse mythology.
  • Siri – Beautiful victory in Old Norse.
  • Jorunn – Love of horses in Old Norse.
  • Bjorn – Bear in Old Norse.

Dog Naming Tips

Embark on the journey of naming your dog with the same fearless spirit of the Vikings as they ventured into new territories. Just like those ancient explorers, be determined and adventurous in finding the perfect name for your furry companion.

While exploring Norse dog names, keep an open mind. However, ensure the name is practical and will serve as your dog’s lifelong identifier. Practice saying each option aloud to gauge ease of pronunciation for yourself, your friends, the vet, the groomer, and anyone else who will know your dog by name. This is particularly crucial when considering Old Norse names for your canine companion.

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